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In the last 17 years Electro Hydro World has effectively helped Rock Engineers with underground support systems that reduce the risk of Rock falls, increase mining efficiencies and improved the safety of underground working areas

Multi-Purpose Grout Plants

The EHW Multi-Purpose Grout Plant is the most efficient method of mixing and pumping grout to where it is needed throughout the mine.

Grout Packs Structural Support

Grout packs are designed to cater for enhanced support around the needs of each specific mining requirement.

Reduced Support Logistics

EHW is able to pump grout over vast distances reducing the logistical burden and increasing turnaround times.


Why Choose Us

Our management team with extensive accumulated experience of over 280 years offer mining houses piece of mind and financially viable solutions.

  • Electro Hydro World improves underground safety conditions
  • Our services improve support logistics
  • Electro Hydro World Served 11 of South Africa’s top mining houses
  • Electro Hydro World Operated and maintained over 21 grout plants nationally and internationally
  • Direct involvement of Electro Hydro World’s owners and management
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Electro Hydro World engages in community involvement

To be the leading grout plant specialists in Southern Africa, extending life of mines throughout.

Electro Hydro World strives to exceed all customer needs when it comes to secondary support systems in the underground mining environment. Offering quality service and equipment supported by over 200 years of experience in Grout plant operations and secondary support systems.

With our multi-purpose grout plants, we offer mining houses the opportunity to efficiently, effectively and economically support the underground working places by pumping cemented grout underground through a system of grout ranges, providing a support system that out perform any other method of underground support in strength, durability and logistics.

With our plant, equipment and labour being sourced locally we support local business and communities around our operational areas. Our management is hands-on in the daily operations ensuring on-time quality service to our customers.

Our CHAIRS values are the foundation of how we do business and how our employees conduct themselves. With Commitment from our employees to their daily tasks and, the Organization to our customers requirements, we solve all problems with Honesty taking full Accountability for our actions and the outcomes thereof. Integrity is the corner stone on which the company is built and is visible in all our dealings. Reliability is what puts us above the rest as we get done what needs to be done in an efficient manner. Sustainability is part of the solution we offer to our customers to ensure the future of all stakeholders depending on mining activities.

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Multi-Purpose Grout Plants
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